Introducing Every Gram Counts

Revolutionize your packing operations with ‘Every Gram Counts,’ a smart scale solution designed to optimize resource use, reduce waste, and enhance productivity in the agricultural industry.

Our end-to-end solution integrates advanced technology and real-time data analytics to deliver unmatched precision and performance

Key Features

Smart Scale Node: WiFi smart scale with touch screen display, intuitive interface, and real-time packing progress indicators.

Master Controller: Centralized control of packing specifications and production batches / runs.

Cloud-Based Management: Remote monitoring, real-time data, and comprehensive production reports.

Benefits of Every Gram Counts

Optimize Resource Use: Ensure every gram counts by reducing overpacking and waste. Our smart scales provide precise weight measurements, helping you save resources and increase profitability.

Enhance Packer Productivity: Track and incentivize packer performance in real time with NFC tags. Our system provides immediate feedback, boosting efficiency and rewarding top performers.

Monitor Production Efficiently: Stay ahead with real-time monitoring and analytics. Our cloud-based management system allows you to oversee operations from anywhere, offering insights to optimize processes and reduce bottlenecks.

Reliable and Scalable: Designed to function seamlessly even during network interruptions, our solution is scalable to fit various packing line sizes, ensuring a future-proof investment.

What Our Customers Say

Grape Packhouse – De Doorns (ZA) :
Challenge: Facing issues with overpacking. Enhance packer performance.
Solution: Implemented solution with NFC tracking to optimize packing.
Result: Reduced overpack by 17%. Boosted packer efficiency by 23%

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