Designed for precision and efficiency, ‘Every Gram Counts’ is a comprehensive smart scale solution tailored for the agricultural industry. With advanced features and real-time data capabilities, our product ensures optimal packing performance and resource management.

In-Depth Features

Smart Scale Node: Equipped with a touch screen, intuitive user interface, and patented color LED indicators, the Smart Scale Node provides real-time feedback to packers, ensuring precise weight measurements and reducing overpacking and waste.

Master Controller: The SYBU ScaleMaster software allows operators to manage packing specifications, monitor production, and analyze performance data. The Master Controller can communicate with multiple scales simultaneously, ensuring smooth operations.

Cloud-Based Management: SYBU CloudScale offers real-time data streaming, historical data storage, and comprehensive dashboards for monitoring production. Authorized users can access production data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Technical Specifications

Smart Scale Node

  • WiFi smart device
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Operator login via NFC armband or tag
  • Intuitive widgets to display packing progress, under packing, over packing
  • Patented colour LED state indicators to optimize packing time.
  • User interface buttons can be locked to restrict packer interaction with touch screen
  • Each packed unit is recorded
  • Support to reject duplicate unit.
  • Support for multiple specifications at node at same time, eg punnets and carton. Manual or automatics switchover options
  • Offline support. Scale continue to function and record packed units in offline mode

Master Controller

  • Intuitive User Interface, web-based application
  • Real-time display of production totals, specification totals and averages
  • Real-time display of packers and totals for each scale node.
  • Multi user role based access.
  • The Master Controller permits connections from other client devices such as an iPad or tablet. This
    allows the packhouse operator to be mobile within the packhouse while still having control over the
  • Packers can manually be assigned to scale nodes or automatically tracked if the NFC tags are used.
  • Multiple packers per scale node is supported
  • Packers are automatically tracked when they tap-in at another scale node.
    Specifications (Grades)
  • Specification are defined with target weight, upper limit weight, tare weight.
  • Multiple specifications can be packed at same time at a station. The scale node can automatically
    determine the active specification based on weight or manually selections is also an option.
  • Optional berry or bunch configurations can be defined to optimize packing for punnets. When the
    last piece is assigned a recommendation can be presented to packer with the number of berries

Cloud-Based Management

Real-time display of production data (totals and specification summaries) from each packing lane.

  • Multiple users with internet access can logon and view the real-time data from the packing lanes.
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Storage of Production Data
  • Download of Production Data XLSX
  • Packer aggregated data per period
  • Packers aggregated summary per period
  • Specification Distribution per period
  • Disaster Recovery. Download of recovery data per packing lane. In event of Master Controller failure,
    theft or damage it can be reconfigured to a known state.

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